What’s so special about the Nana figurines by Biriney?

For ten years now, the name “Biriney” has stood for unique, high-quality Nana figurines that are made in Germany. If you’re looking for an unusual work of art that has lasting value – one that was crafted with great care and a high level of expertise – you’ve come to the right place.
If you search the Internet, you’ll find lots of Nana-like objects from Asia or Eastern Europe being sold at low prices. However, the Nana figurines sculpted by Biriney are truly something special. Are you looking for a custom-made gift or a Nana figurine of your very own?
Biriney specialises in crafting painstakingly-designed Nana figurines at a very high level of quality. We consider it simply a matter of course to offer excellent communication to our clients and deadlines they can count on.

“Biriney®” is a trademarked name and registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Where can I buy Nana figurines?

Visit the Biriney online shop. It features Nana figurines that are currently for sale and ready to be shipped immediately. Click here to visit the online shop.
You can view and order figurines at your convenience. Any purchases will be shipped promptly and insured through DHL.
The online shop is protected by SSL security, meaning sensitive transaction details and your personal information are transmitted in encrypted form. It goes without saying that we fulfil the requirements in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How quickly do you deliver?

Pieces ordered through the online shop are in stock and can be shipped immediately. When payment is by credit card or PayPal, the piece will usually be shipped within one business day. If you choose the “bank transfer / payment in advance” option, your order will be shipped as soon as we receive the payment.

What happens if my order arrives in a damaged state?

No need to worry! We have a great deal of experience with shipping our Nana figurines around the world. Because we prioritise careful packaging and insure our deliveries, the risk of loss or damage is virtually zero.
However, if any damage should occur unexpectedly, you will automatically be compensated for the damage by our delivery service provider. In other words, you do not bear any risk.

Can I come to pick up my Nana figurine in person?

Yes, you’re welcome to stop by to pick up your Nana yourself or ask us any questions you might have.
Please make an appointment, as there isn’t always someone in the studio.

Why are there so few figurines available in the shop?

Sometimes we need to focus on special commissions. When this happens, there may be fewer figurines available in the shop due to increased demand. If you’re interested in a particular figurine, feel free to reserve it. To do this, just click “Contact”.

What materials are Nana figurines made of?

Different materials are used depending on where the figurine is to be placed.

  • One-of-a-kind figurines are elaborately crafted using a special type of wood material (wood maché) which is moulded over a framework before being sanded down until smooth. These figurines must remain indoors.
  • Figurines intended to be placed outdoors (garden statues, for example) are made using synthetic resin (GFK or epoxy) for better weather resistance.
  • Figurines created for a series or limited series are cast in ceramic, synthetic resin or refined paper maché.
All figurines are handcrafted with loving attention to detail.

Are the paints light-resistant?

Yes, we use exclusively high-grade, light-resistant paints that don't fade. The colours are also protected by the final sealing using a glossy 2K clear varnish with integrated UV protection filter.

Is it also possible to commission special figurines?

Yes, if you have a special request and would like your ideas incorporated into the design, you can commission a custom figurine.
If you’re not sure yet or would like a price quotation first, just send us an email – no obligation to place an order. To do this, just click “Contact”.

What is the situation regarding the copyright?

Biriney’s figurines are inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nana series. From the very beginning, Biriney has been in close contact with specialist lawyers to make sure that de Saint Phalle’s copyright is not being infringed upon.
Biriney’s pieces are original artistic creations and likewise protected under copyright. Other sellers have tried to copy Biriney’s work on several past occasions, and these copyright infringements were subject to legal and extrajudicial penalties. It is forbidden to reproduce or use Biriney’s work for commercial purposes without written permission or the granting of a licence.